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About Us

Natalie and Michael Watson have been involved in the hospitality and marine business in California, Hawaii and Arizona for over twenty-five years.  

Natalie graduated from UC, Santa Barbara with an Economics degree, began her career at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco and later moved to USA Hosts, where she organized complicated company and incentive travel functions and events.  She then joined Michael at Hornblower Yachts where she was responsible for major events in San Francisco. 

Michael is a mechanical engineering graduate from Cal and worked in the air pollution control industry where he was licensed as a Professional Engineer.  He was fortunate to "return to the sea" with Hornblower Yachts, where he earned his Captain's and Minister's licenses.  Over his thirteen year's service with Hornblower, he helped grow the company to ports throughout California, but his best times were driving the yachts, serving as a host and conducting services.

After Hornblower, Natalie and Michael operated Dream Cruises in the Hawaiian Islands for ten years, but found the pull back home irresistible, returning to California and the Bay Area in 2005.  They offer their yacht charter and ash scattering services around the San Francisco Bay area.  With a recent move to Locust Grove, VA, they now also offer Wedding Officiant services in the Virginia north central area.

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