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Ash Scattering At Sea

Last summer I lost Bob - my beloved husband of 47 years - who wanted to be cremated.  We lived in Maryland, my husband died in Florida, and my son lives with his family in San Francisco.  Bob admired San Francisco, was very happy here, and I decided to scatter his ashes in the San Francisco Bay.

Natalie Watson of Oceanic West made all arrangements and gave us detailed instructions so that we would know what to expect.  On Valentine’s Day, there were five of us, including my two grandsons aged 5 and 8.  Captain Ken met us on dock O of the Berkeley Marina, brought us to the boat, put life vests on the kids, expressed his condolences and took us to the bay.  He was very caring during the whole ceremony of scattering ashes and marking the place with rose petals.  Afterwards, the boat made three circles around the rose petals and we took beautiful pictures of them on the backgrounds of San Francisco and Treasure Island and returned back to the dock.  Captain Ken was taking pictures at various steps of our journey.  It was a fun cruise for the kids and a very meaningful ceremony for us adults.

The same evening, Natalie sent me a link to a beautiful presentation made of the pictures taken by Captain Ken and put to music.  Also, there was GPS data about the place where the ashes were scattered.  I am especially grateful to Captain Ken and Natalie for putting together this presentation very fast since my husband's birthday was the next day, and I was able to send that link to 50+ friends all over the world. 

The place and time of the ceremony had additional symbolic meaning for me since Bob was my all-life Treasure and Valentine.  It was a warm, quiet, and dry day which made the ceremony perfect.

I am highly recommending Ocean West for ash scattering ceremonies.  Thank you so much, Natalie and Captain Ken!  Lana M

I contacted Mike for an ash scattering for my mother and father in October.  Mike was very re-assuring and gave me several options.  He worked with me by phone and email to coordinate a memorable celebration of my parents’ lives.  Initially I was just planning on a simple scattering. Instead we opted for a 3 hour cruise that allowed time for the memorial scattering, lunch and time to share memories with family members. Everyone who attended commented that it was exactly what my parents would have wanted - the family together surrounded by the beautiful bay that they loved.  I must admit that I was a little worried making arrangements solely from information the website, but everything was delivered as promised.  I highly recommend Oceanic West.  Kim W

This past month we enlisted the services of Oceanic West for the scattering of our brother's ashes in San Francisco Bay.  He was born in the Marina District of San Francisco and had requested that we scatter his ashes upon his death in his favorite city.  We were extremely lucky and fortunate to find Captain Mike and Oceanic West to help us with this obviously difficult occasion.  From the very beginning to the end, Captain Mike and his associates made the arrangements as accommodating as possible.  All three were very professional, respectful and attentive in providing these services.  Every preparation was made exactly as we would have wanted it.  Rarely do you find organizations in this day and age that provide services exactly as advertised.  In this case, Oceanic West went above and beyond expectations in every respect.  We cannot say enough about how thankful we were to have found Oceanic West to perform these services and what a fantastic job they did.  In addition, the furnishing of the professional pictures of the ceremony and the Certificate of Scattering of Ash Ceremony was a wonderful keepsake.  Virginia P.

Mike and his crew were wonderful!  They helped make the very difficult situation of scattering my Sweetie's ashes and handled it with grace.  Everyone was so professional, respectful and helpful.  It was nice not having to worry about anything around taking care of my Sweetie that day.  The pictures taken by your crew that were sent to me in a slide show with music is something I will always treasure.  I will never be able to accurately put into words how much I appreciated you and your crew that day.  I can't thank you enough for helping me at this difficult time in my life.  Leslie C

Mike made a difficult time so much easier.  We held a memorial ash-scattering for our Mom on Mike's yacht, and he took care of everything for us.  He arranged for the food, performed the service himself, his 1st mate took pictures of the whole cruise for us and put it up on the internet for all our family members to view.  It was a beautiful boat, Mike performed a beautiful service, and it was a beautiful way to say goodbye to Mom.  I would happily recommend his services to anyone.  David A


​​Questions or to make arrangements? 

Please give us a call at (415) 342-6441 or email us at natalie@oceanicwest.com

We have been honored to share time with many wonderful people who have the sad duty of saying good-bye to a loved one.  

Every cruise is different, yet most have everything from tears to laughter.  The beauty of nature seems to be a fitting closure.

The feedback has truly been heartwarming for us.