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Larger Parties
m/v Voyager is a 75 ft. aluminum motor yacht with complete facilities --- two decks with indoor and outdoor spaces, couches, tables, chairs, bar and heads (restrooms).  We include coffee, tea and sodas from the bar and additional beverages can be arranged.  Voyager is berthed at Berkeley in the SF East Bay, but can board at other locations for an additional fee. 

A private 1-1/2 hour scattering cruise on Voyager is $1,195 for up to 10 guests, $1,295 for up to 20 guests, $1,395 for up to 30 guests, $1,495 for up to 40 guests, and $1,695 for up to 70 guests.

m/v Papagallo II is a 72 ft. aluminum motor yacht with complete facilities, and is berthed in Morro Bay.  Papagallo II ash scattering cruises include a champagne brunch. 
A private 2 hour scattering cruise on Papagallo II is $1,600 for up to 20 guests plus $30 for each additional guest up to a maximum of fifty.

The above prices are inclusive of all services and fees ---

crew gratuities are additional and should be based on your satisfaction with the service, and may be handled onboard.

Oceanic West

Oceanic West

Attended Ash Scattering Cruises

Small Parties (1-5 guests)
On San Francisco Bay, we offer unattended or small attended cruises aboard m/v Flying Cloud, usually boarding in Berkeley, but we can make arrangements for other boarding locations at San Francisco, Sausalito, Oakland or other Bay Area docks.  This smaller vessel provides an intimate connection with nature.

This service costs $450 including applicable taxes and fees.

Private Attended Scattering Cruises
Join us for a private scattering ceremony in sheltered waters on San Francisco Bay or in Coastal Waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Your Captain is a US Coast Guard licensed Master and the vessel complies with all US Coast Guard passenger vessel regulations.  Your comfort and safety are our primary concerns.

You may choose to have the Captain conduct the service or provide your own --- we will provide a basket of rose petals and slowly circle the scattering site before returning to harbor.  Afterwards, we will file the paperwork and send you a copy and a Certificate of Scattering with the date, time and GPS location of scattering.  All cruises also include onboard photography and an online photo album preserving memories of the cruise that may be shared with your family and friends.

Private Ash Scattering Cruises

for small and large groups

Respectful - Personal - Attentive