​​What's involved in arranging an elopement ceremony?

First, call us at 480-272-7780 to discuss your ideas and make the arrangements.  We'll email some sample ceremonies

for your review or you may provide your own.

Second, go to County offices for a Marriage License.  

Third, bring yourselves, any guests, and the license to the wedding site.  We'll conduct the wedding ceremony and file

the paperwork with the County afterwards.

We are delighted to share in your special moment!  We charge $200 to conduct a simple marriage ceremony in a nearby location, including consulting for location and ceremony wording and handling the paperwork.  If you like, we can provide

other items like flowers, photos or participate in rehearsals for an additional fee.  

Questions?  Simply call 480-272-7780 or email 

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There are many locations that can accommodate small and simple wedding ceremonies, that add the magic of a special place! 

Outdoor Weddings in Scottsdale and Phoenix - There are many beautiful venues, resorts and parks that provide scenic backdrops;

the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix is an example.           

m/v Flying Cloud
We'll pick you up in Berkeley or Marin a
nd conduct a

small wedding in sheltered waters on San Francisco

Bay, with up to four of your guests.

A short hike up the Pinnacle Peak Park Trail

in Scottsdale provides a scenic backdrop.  

Wedding on Voyager in San Francisco Bay

​Your wedding and reception on Voyager combines privacy with ever-changing backdrops and elegant and attentive service.  Contact Natalie at 480-272-7780 for ideas and prices.

Happy couple after a 

casual outdoor wedding.


elope  (\i-'lop\)
Inflected Form(s): eloped, eloping
      1. to slip away
      2. to run away secretly with the intention of getting married 
      - elope-ment

Many couples wish to get married without an elaborate, time consuming and costly wedding extravaganza --- and we're happy to assist.
Elopement services are available

in the Scottsdale area or on San Francisco Bay.