Arranging for permits can be involved and take some time.  We will always need to obtain permits from the US Coast Guard and local Fire and Police Departments.  Depending on location and jurisdiction, we may also need permits from a National Marine Sanctuary or from the California Coastal Commission.  We will normally need at least 60 days notice to schedule a fireworks scattering and sometimes as much as 120 to 180 days, so please consult with us as soon as you can.

Oceanic West

Fireworks Ash Scattering

The ashes of your loved one are fitted to multiple fireworks shells that loft them hundreds of feet in the air,

where they burst with sound and light!

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FIREWORKS!  --- Oceanic West Fireworks Ash Scattering

Scattering the ashes of your loved one in a blaze of light and glory hundreds of feet in the air is a most spectacular Celebration of their Life.  Scattering by fireworks involves a complex combination of technical expertise and multiple permits, depending on the location and size of the display.  The result is awesome and memorable.

Most often, the fireworks are lofted from a vessel located offshore from a shoreside viewing location that allows family and friends the best vantage point.  We can also arrange for a viewing boat that can be positioned closer to the launch.

We have conducted scatterings by fireworks in Bay waters and off the Coast with the background of the endless blue Pacific Ocean.  In either case, the cremains are dispersed high in the air where they return to the neverending cycle.

Prices and lead times for permitting are directly related to the location, size and amount of fireworks, which include large aerial shells, some of which are specially fitted to carry the cremains, and the high energy multi-shot "cake" fireworks that accompany the finale.  Generally, prices for a complete service range from $5,000 to $10,000 including photography, Certificate of Scattering, all permits and fees, insurance and filing the required state and federal paperwork.  The smallest service includes over 200 fireworks shells that are carefully chosen and choreographed.

Oceanic West