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Scattering Authorization form.

At the simplest, you may entrust us with the ashes of your loved one, and we will scatter them at the location you choose.  We will be happy to recite a greeting or prayer.

As with all of our scattering cruises, we include onboard photography and an online photo album preserving your memories.  The album may be shared with other family and friends by email link and individual pictures or the entire album can be downloaded without additional charge.

Arranging for an unattended scattering is easy.  Download and complete our Authorization form (see the button on the bottom left part of this page) and then ship the cremated remains to us along with the Disposition Permit (for cremations in California only) and the completed Scattering Authorization form.  Shipment by US Mail works fine.  Within 60 days of receipt, we will conduct the individual scattering service on a calm day in San Francisco Bay.  For California cremations, we will file the completed Disposition Permit and send you a copy and a Certificate of Ash Scattering at Sea with the date, time and GPS location of the scattering.  This service costs $200.00 including all applicable taxes and fees.  A gratuity for the Captain is appreciated.

Please give us a call at (415) 342-6441 if you have any questions.

Scattering from the bow of Voyager at China Cove (off the Immigration Station) at Angel Island.

Capt. Ken doing a scattering off Flying Cloud.

Oceanic West

Unattended Ash Scattering Cruises

Unattended Ash Scatterings at Sea

Our unattended ash scattering services are an appropriate, affordable and respectful way to say good-bye to your loved one.

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