Wedding Ceremony

Michael brings no personal agenda other than to make sure that the ceremony reflects the words, religious or not, that are meaningful to the Bride and Groom.  The wedding ceremony consists of promises that the Bride and Groom make to each other, that are witnessed, celebrated and supported by family and friends.  The ceremony is not a performance by the Bride and Groom.  Michael hopes that each couple can find a calm place in front of him, where they can focus on each other, their commitment to each other, and not be consumed by stage anxiety.  This is a huge event in their lives, and one that they should carry away only good memories of happiness.

Settings and Presentation

Everything is unique and special and custom to the location, time of day, and the wishes of the Bride and Groom.  Like the words of the ceremony, Michael will make sure the content choices, timing and even his attire, suit the ceremony and the Bride's and Groom's wishes.  He usually wears a black suit, white shirt and tie, but is happy to dress more casually if that is appropriate, or to wear his Minister's robes or Captain's suit.  He has conducted weddings on the beach, in chapels, at hotels and in homes, on charter yachts, or in parks.  So far, he hasn't conducted a wedding underwater, but he is scuba certified and would be happy to add that to his resume.

Words and Content

The ceremony can have many separate components and all types of phrasing.  Usually Michael will meet casually with the couple to discuss their wedding plans and to make sure they wish him to be the officiant.  Afterwards, he provides sample ceremonies that form the basis to plan the actual words and elements of their unique ceremony. 

Wedding Officiant

Michael provides Wedding Officiant services around the Locust Grove area,

at resorts, clubs, private residences, wineries, parks and other venues.

Oceanic West

Wedding ceremony on a yacht offshore of Waikiki.

Wedding Officiant

Michael began conducting weddings aboard charter yachts on San Francisco Bay in the early 1980's, and has conducted numerous weddings "by land or by sea" ever since.  Many people assume that a Captain can legally conduct a ceremony but that is not the case in the United States.  The wedding can only legally be conducted by an officiant recognized by the state, and each state has its own regulations and procedures.  Michael is a registered minister of the Universal Life Church, which allows him to conduct legal wedding ceremonies.

Many of the weddings Michael has conducted have been in California, but he has also conducted ceremonies in Virginia, Arizona, Hawaii and in New Jersey.  Michael believes in marriage and partnership and family and thrives on the personal connection and joy each one brings.  Every couple and every ceremony are unique and special.

Making Arrangements

Natalie makes most of the appointments for meetings and handles our master schedule.  You can call her during usual working hours at (415) 342-6441 to tentatively reserve your date and time (for the ceremony and rehearsal, if you are having one) and to make an appointment to meet with Michael.  If you choose us, we will ask for a deposit to confirm the arrangements.