Oceanic West

Weddings on Land - in and around Scottsdale, Arizona
There are numerous resorts and other locations for a small to large wedding ceremony; many with adjacent reception facilities.  We provide the wedding officiant or minister to conduct your service, dressed in a dark suit, Captain's uniform, in white Minister's robes or as you otherwise prefer.

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Oceanic West Weddings

Weddings on the Sea - on San Francisco Bay
Weddings on a Charter Yacht add a unique and memorable dimension to your special day.  Everyone relaxes when they sail away from their normal routine and will depart with amazing memories of your ceremony.

On our larger yachts, the reception onboard usually follows the ceremony, and the total cost is usually surprisingly affordable when compared to a shoreside wedding and with a reception in another location.

We offer Oceanic West celebrations on San Francisco Bay, sailing from Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, or other marinas around the Bay.

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We offer Wedding Officiant services in and around Locust Grove, VA 


Weddings and Receptions aboard Charter Yachts on San Francisco Bay